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The same will happen if joker is written on the bank that was opened. Another bonus game is launched after three symbols with a picture of the covers that are top online casinos appear on the screen. It consists of two stages, the first of which the player will have to choose one after one beer caps, on the back of which the payout ratio is paid. After the player stumbles on the cover with the inscription top online casinos the bonus game will be terminated, and all open odds are summed, the resulting amount is transferred to the game account. If, under all beer covers, the inscription exit does not appear, then the player will go to the second stage of the bonus game. Here he also has to choose, but from two closed dishes. On one of them is a roast chicken, which means multiple multiplication of the bet, and on the top online casinos that will not bring the player anything. True, with this bonus game will stop and the player will remain with what he had before it began. By the way, this happens rarely enough.

In our country, alcoholic drinks have occupied and occupy a special place. As top online casinos used to say, according to their use, we can argue even with the top online casinos. Perhaps this is the main reason why slot machines play for free without registration, many generations of gamblers prefer. In this case, many of them know this playing slot, like lucky haunter, which is its official name. Those who used to come across the products of the domestic company top online casinos will be able to play cork in slot machines without registration without spending time studying the game process. It is almost the same as with other slots of this developer of gaming platforms for gambling establishments. Those. The player will face 5 reels and 9 active this case, the player has the ability to change both the number of lines and the bet size, which, like everywhere else, is the same for all lines. In addition to the main game, there are two bonus games, one of which is top online casinos.

As for winning combinations, their number is counted in hundreds, but in any case they will be top online casinos as such if they consist of at least 3 symbols. The most advantageous combination is five characters with the image of the company logo of the game. In this case, the player's gaming account will receive an amount that is 5 thousand times higher than his original bet. Rather fortunately, but slot machines, play for free without registration in which you can and on our site, do not differ original management. Everything is as standard as possible. The main controls are buttons, top online casinos from other game slots of the company best play free online casinos. As it was said earlier, any payout on a winning combination can be multiplied many times by playing in the so-called top online casinos game. True, in this risk-game there are no playing cards that are customary for other gaming machines. Instead, they use numbered beer cans, one of which belongs to the dealer and is located on the gaming table.

Near to it there are 4 empty places, from which it is necessary to choose only one. After that, it remains to be hoped that there will be a bank with a higher nominal value than the capacity of the dealer. In this case, the winnings will be doubled. The second bonus game also assumes the presence of strongly developed intuitive abilities. It starts immediately after three symbols top online casinos appear in different places on the screen simultaneously, which can be distinguished by the image of beer caps on them. After the start of the bonus game, 5 bottles will appear on the screen. Choosing one after the other, the player multiplies the winnings by the coefficient that is depicted on the reverse side of the plug. On one of them can be written the word exit, which opens the bonus game ends. If the player has managed not to stumble upon it, then it goes to the second level of the bonus game. It also consists of guessing, this time from two closed dishes.

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